Tips For Buying Discounted Shoes Online

Tips For Buying Discounted Shoes Online

Tips for buying discounted shoes online
Shoe shopping is a phrase that can make most women swoon. No number of shoes can suffice to make the perfect wardrobe. From flats to pumps, flip-flops to sneakers, shoes come in many makes and designs to suit different tastes. For the working woman, online shoe shopping is indeed a boon. Apart from the ease and comfort of selecting the perfect pair without even needing to step outdoors, there are multiple options to source discounted shoes online. Few things could top getting something you fancy at a reduced price. However, shopping for shoes online can be a tricky affair, especially if you are going about it for the first time. Here are some frequently asked questions about shopping for shoes online to let you know what must be kept in mind.

How do I know my shoe size?

  • The biggest issue that most people face when ordering shoes online are getting the size right.
  • Additionally, brands often offer different size benchmarks. Some use US measurements while others use the UK or the European measurements. All three differ from each other.
  • A simple way to know your foot size is to walk into the nearest shoe shop and get your foot size measured on their Brannock Device. The Brannock Device is a measuring instrument that was invented by Charles F. Brannock for measuring the shoe size of an individual.
  • Alternatively, trace your foot on a piece of paper. If you wear socks, trace with the socks on. Measure the length of the tracing from tip to heel. There are many online foot measurement tables that will help you understand how to convert these measurements into a US, UK, or European foot size.

What precautions to take if the shoes do not fit?

  • One of the biggest hassles of ordering discounted shoes online is that there might be an issue with the size. Brands often have different fittings for the same shoe size.
  • Before purchasing a pair of shoes read the website’s return and refund policy.
  • Find out the number of days you have in hand to return the shoes.
  • Try on the shoes as soon as they arrive so that you can initiate a return if required, without any delay.

Are there any other important tips to keep in mind while buying shoes online?

  • Always go for a type of shoe that you are used to wearing regularly. For instance, if you have never worn stilettos, do not purchase your first pair of 5-inch heels online.
  • Read about the shoe material. This can be found in the description. If you are unsure what that particular material is, read up online to make sure it will not give you blisters or cause you to have an adverse reaction in extreme heat or cold.
  • Never go for the cheapest option. While there are many great discounted shoes online, always look at value for money and durability. Buying a cheap shoe can leave you with foot problems.

How important are customer reviews?

  • Reading the reviews of a particular shoe brand will help you make a decision about whether you should buy it.
  • The reviews let you know how dependable and comfortable the shoes are.
  • Customers also tend to mention how accurate the shoe size mentioned is in their reviews.
  • More often than not, reviews also mention the brand’s response time to customer complaints and how tolerable they are in their return policy.
  • Reviews can be found on the online shopping site. Additionally, you can also read reviews on social media sites.

Are there any points to keep in mind while paying online?

  • Most online shopping websites offer the option to pay cash on delivery. This really works great should you prefer not to disclose your card details online.
  • However, if the website does require that you pay by card, then make sure the site is secure before entering payment information. Do not be in a rush to purchase discounted shoes online excitedly.
  • A secure website will always have a tiny golden padlock in the address bar.
  • Additionally, look for websites that have their address as “https” as opposed to “http”. The “s” stands for secure.
  • If still unsure or if you are using a lesser-known site, read up some reviews to make sure the site has no negative feedback concerning payments.
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