An Intro To Fashion Accessories

An Intro To Fashion Accessories

An intro to fashion accessories
When it comes to fashion, accessorizing is the most important aspect, and, in order to stand out, you do not need to have the latest jewelry or handbag, but you need to know what piece of jewelry goes with a certain dress or top. Accessories are essential if you wish to add a certain “oomph” factor to your clothes. A simple bracelet or a well-placed scarf can do wonders to your appearance. Undoubtedly, people will appreciate your fashion sense. Hence, you must make wise decisions when it comes to selecting the right fashion accessories.

How does color affect a fashion accessory?

  • Color is the most basic yet a very important element of an accessory. You should never match a dress with an accessory of the same color. Doing that is the biggest fashion blunder ever. If you happen to wear a black or red outfit, never wear an accessory that’s the same color.
  • Secondly, you must have an eye for primary and secondary colors. They are said to be analogous to each other. Primary colors are red, blue, and yellow, while secondary colors are a mixture of two primary colors; for example, red and yellow make orange.
  • Try pairing a primary color and a secondary color on the color wheel if they are opposite to each other. If used in the same shades of light and dark, they work well.

How do scale and shape affect a fashion accessory?

  • The scale of fashion accessories is very important. You should buy accessories according to your body type and outfit. For example, a tall thin lady would look great with a hobo bag or a clutch. A petite woman would be suited much better for a smaller bag with longer strips.
  • Simple pieces of jewelry go well if you happen to wear an outfit with different patterns. Embroidered, sequined, and ruffled outfits will also look great with modest jewelry. This ensures that the overall look is balanced as the patterns on the outfit are balanced with the modest jewelry.
  • Hourglass shaped women look great with bags that are medium-sized or boxy handbags as they work well with their curves.

What sort of style should you look for in a fashion accessory?

  • Fashion accessories can make or break your look, and they can completely change how your outfit looks too. The classic white shirt with jeans look could look completely different depending on how one accessorizes it.
  • There are several types of accessories. One look that can be obtained is the classic type, which includes pearl earrings, silk scarves, and a leather clutch. There are also glamorous accessories like a bib necklace and high heels. The edgy look, workday look, and casual accessories are some other types.
  • If used properly, accessories can easily expand your wardrobe, as you can wear new pieces of accessories on the same outfit and give yourself a new look every time.

Are there any fashion blunders you should actively avoid?

  • You should never wear more than three to four large accessories on the same outfit, and the accessories should match each other as to the color, look, and material.
  • You should have your priorities straight. Either you go all out with bright clothes, or you could pick out some eye-catching accessories. However, you can never pick both.
  • Pastel tones work well with footwear that is a lighter shade. So if you are wearing light peach toned pants, avoid black shoes.

What should men consider while choosing fashion accessories?

  • The rules for men are not too different. The accessories should complement the outfit. Shoes or ties should go well with the suit, and there should be a common theme running across the shoes, cufflinks, and the coat.
  • The accessories should work well with each other. The colors should never clash. A gold buckle should not be worn with silver shoes. Keeping a little contrast could help you look less drab and boring.
  • Business wear tends to be more or less of the same color and pattern. Well-placed accessories could give you a unique style and feel, but do not allow it to be gaudy or ostentatious.
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